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Jens, founder of Definite Chocolate, will take you to the Dominican Republic, where he will show you around cocoa plantations, tell you what drives him as a chocolate maker and beautifully demonstrate how chocolate is made at his factory.

Small-scale artisan chocolate, made in the country of origin

In the Dominican Republic, Definite Chocolate produces small batches of sustainable chocolate. All the cocoa they use comes directly from different regions of the Dominican Republic.
The factory is located in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Definite only works with organic single-origin cocoa. This means that all cacao has the same origin and therefore comes from one plantation. With the utmost care, Definite transforms this cocoa into their award-winning chocolates.

Ethical, organic and Direct Trade cocoa

Definite Chocolate buys the organic cocoa they use for their chocolate directly from local cocoa farmers. This form of trade is called Direct Trade. Apart from sourcing locally, they also build good relationships with cocoa farmers. By doing so, they ensure that only the best cocoa beans reach their factory. It is an interplay between Definite Chocolate and the farmers, who grow, harvest, ferment and dry the single-origin cocoa. The shared goal is to continuously improve cocoa quality and support the businesses and livelihoods of local Dominican farmers.

Caribbean experience and support for local industry

Definite Chocolate very consciously chooses to use only strictly necessary ingredients for their chocolate. No extra flavourings or additives are therefore added. That way, they make sure you taste what you eat. All ingredients used are grown in the Dominican Republic. This is another way for Definite to support the local industry.
The concept behind the different bars is simple: by using cocoa from different regions of the Dominican Republic, tasting the different chocolates allows you to take an unforgettable chocolate journey through the Dominican Republic.

How everything began

Definite Chocolate's journey began with Jens, an industrial engineer who worked on energy efficiency projects in Germany for 10 years. After attending a chocolate making workshop in Frankfurt, he started making his own creations purely as a hobby. Until the moment he first discovered single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate at the Salon du Chocolat in Cologne. He fell in love with bean-to-bar chocolate and dreamed of being able to make bean-to-bar chocolate all by himself.
Just a few years later, after moving to the Dominican Republic, he began to realise his dream at home. Slowly but surely, he learned more and more about the making process and developed a feel for assessing cocoa. This is how he came into contact with cocoa farmers he still works with today.
In 2018, he moved production from his home to a small space, and just a year later he moved again to a 120-square-metre space where the factory is still located.

Take a trip to the Dominican Republic

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