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Original Beans, preserving rare cocoa varieties

Original Beans is a leading company committed to preserving rare cocoa varieties. Original Beans' Bean Team travels the world to remote places and communities to find unique beans. But also to simultaneously reforest the rainforest. This commitment to conservation goes beyond making delicious chocolate. It is a mission to nurture the planet and ensure a sustainable future.

The story behind Original Beans, a commitment to sustainability

Philip Kaufman, the seventh generation in a family of foresters and explorers and founder of Original Beans. His goal and deep commitment is to realise a company that gives more to the earth than it takes. His company proves that it is possible to make excellent chocolate from rare cocoa without harming nature. Its commitment to optimum sustainability and 'One Bar, One Tree' programme show that this company goes beyond just producing chocolate. It is a lifestyle that cherishes the earth.

The importance of rare cocoa, taste the rare, preserve the rare

Behind every Original Bean is a unique story. The Bean Team relentlessly travels to extraordinary places on earth and remote communities in search of the most extraordinary beans. Cocoa varieties and terroir lay the foundation for the unique flavours, which are preserved thanks to careful harvesting and fermentation. For every chocolate bar sold, Original Beans plants or protects a tree in the area of origin. This preserves special bean varieties and rainforests.

The One4One Trees Programme, 10,000 football fields of forest

The One4One Trees programme is the world's longest-running reforestation programme. Together with consumers, 3.5 million trees have already been planted in the world's tropical hotspot forests. This is equivalent to 10 thousand football fields of forest managed by local communities. The programme connects chocolate lovers directly with cocoa growers. Proceeds from chocolate are used to grow trees and preserve forests.

Origin and sustainability of cocoa, not just harvesting, but also preserving it

Original Beans goes beyond just harvesting cocoa. Local projects are set up to preserve the natural environment, and the company guarantees cocoa purchases for a minimum of 10 years. This demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and conservation of both cocoa and nature.

Pure ingredients, no more than four ingredients

Original Beans' delicious chocolate contains no more than four ingredients. It is free of cocoa blends, lecithins, vanilla, cheap sugar, non-traceable cocoa butter, industrial milk and other additives commonly found in other chocolates. The cocoa, cocoa butter, milk and sugar are all of the highest quality. Naturally, this contributes to the unique flavour of this special chocolate.

The Bean Team, the cocoa hunters

Original Beans is often called "cocoa hunters", but their mission goes beyond just finding rare beans. The Bean Team stays involved, from the first meeting with local communities to when growers are awarded the "Craft Cacao by Original Beans" certification. Regeneration is central to their approach, and the company works with partners in cocoa to make a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Mission and conclusion, realise 100% regeneration together

Since 2008, Original Beans has been committed to providing the world with the rarest and fairest cocoa beans, while preserving these beans and their forest environment. Original Beans' mission is not only to make delicious chocolate. But also to create a culture that regenerates our world. By buying Original Beans chocolate, you as a consumer are directly contributing to the conservation of rare beans, reforesting rainforests and supporting sustainable communities. Together, let's make 100% regeneration a reality.


Rebecca and Marianne, The Chocolate Girls. They are the craft chocolate experts and owner of this online sustainable chocolate shop.

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