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Granite millstones, which started it all

On a trip through Oaxaca, Mexico, Alex Whitmore, founder and CEO of Taza Chocolate, became fascinated by the irresistible taste of artisanal stone-ground chocolate. This unique experience led to the establishment of Taza's chocolate factory in Somerville, Massachusetts. Here, he and his wife create unique chocolate. What makes it unique is that by using granite millstones, the complex flavour of cocoa comes into its own.

Direct Trade cocoa certification programme

Taza is a pioneer in ethical cocoa sourcing with their certified Direct Trade Cocoa programme. They maintain direct relationships with cocoa farmers and pay premiums above the Fair Trade price. Moreover, they only work with producers who respect workers' rights and environmental standards.

Partners of Taza

Partnership with Finca Elvesia, Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is home to Finca Elvesia, a farm with a rich history and exceptional cocoa. Run by Ramon Lopez, it offers a peaceful sight of cocoa trees with flavours ranging from ripe mango to light acidity, resulting in quality cocoa for Taza chocolate.

Partnership with ÖKO CARIBE, Dominican Republic
Gualberto Acebey Torrejon and Adriano de Jesus Rodriguez of OKO Caribe in the Dominican Republic are dedicated to producing some of the world's best cocoa. Taza appreciates their integrity and dedication. This cocoa with notes of ripe mango and citrus forms the basis for more than 50% of Taza's chocolate.

Partnership with ABOCFA, Ghana
In Ghana, Taza works with ABOCFA, a forerunner in sustainable cocoa production. With a focus on poverty alleviation, education and fair wages for cocoa farmers, ABOCFA cultivates a reputation for progress in the cocoa sector.

Partnership with PISA, Haiti
Taza is proud to be the first US chocolate maker to import organic cocoa from Haiti through PISA. This partnership highlights the importance of investing in quality to gain access to high-quality markets and higher wages for cocoa farmers in Haiti.

Direct Trade and transparency: an ethical approach to cocoa sourcing

Taza's approach to cocoa sourcing goes beyond conventional fair trade. They have introduced the Direct Trade model, which means they work directly and personally with cocoa farmers, without the intervention of middlemen. These direct links enable Taza to not only source high-quality cocoa. But also ensure that farmers receive fair wages and environmental standards are respected.

Transparency in action: annual cocoa sourcing transparency reports

To ensure full transparency, Taza publishes detailed reports on their cocoa sourcing every year. These reports, called "Annual Cocoa Sourcing Transparency Reports", not only reveal the prices paid by Taza to cocoa farmers, but also provide insights into the relationships, challenges and successes involved in pursuing ethical cocoa sourcing.

Independent verification: third-party certification

To ensure the integrity of their Direct Trade programme, Taza's five Direct Trade claims undergo annual independent verification by Quality Certification Services, a USDA-accredited organic certifier. This ensures that Taza's promises to cocoa farmers are kept and are in line with the highest standards of sustainability and ethics.

Cocoa producers and impact: a look at Finca Elvesia, ÖKO CARIBE, ABOCFA and PISA

The Annual Cocoa Sourcing Transparency Reports not only provide figures, but also tell the stories of cocoa farmers from Finca Elvesia and OKO Caribe in the Dominican Republic, ABOCFA in Ghana and PISA in Haiti. These stories illustrate the positive impact of Taza's Direct Trade programme on local communities and show how cocoa sourcing contributes to sustainable development.

Enjoy the unique story behind each Taza bar

The journey from cocoa bean to stone-ground masterpiece reveals not only the unparalleled taste and ethical commitment of Taza Chocolate. But also the stories of dedicated cocoa farmers worldwide. At Taza, chocolate goes beyond a simple treat; it is a symphony of craftsmanship, transparency and social responsibility.

By choosing Taza, you not only enjoy a delicious chocolate experience, but also contribute to fair wages, sustainable practices and positive community impact. Discover the unique flavour notes of Taza's stone ground chocolate and experience the satisfaction of supporting an ethically responsible chocolate brand.

Become part of this extraordinary story, where every bite is a journey to fair trade and unparalleled taste. Buy your Taza chocolate today and taste the difference!


Rebecca and Marianne, The Chocolate Girls. They are the craft chocolate experts and owner of this online sustainable chocolate shop.

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