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The sophisticated world of Kacau Chocolate

In the heart of cocoa country Ecuador, Kacau has established its name as a master in producing chocolate made from the exquisite fine flavour cocoa beans. The Arriba cacao, also known as Nacional, thrives here and offers a delicate fruity and floral flavour profile.

Ecuadorian heritage

Kacau, located in the leading cocoa country Ecuador, is synonymous with fine-tasting. This is due to its use of the indigenous Arriba cocoa. Also known as Nacional, this cocoa is praised for its delicate fruity and floral flavours, making it the ideal base for chocolate bars that offer an unparalleled taste experience.

Taste experiences that excite the senses

With a vision to excite the senses, Ecuadorian master Juan Espinosa and Peruvian chef Giulio Avendaño have created masterpieces with the world's most aromatic cocoa - the Arriba from Ecuador. Infused with 74% pure Arriba cocoa, each bar offers a unique taste experience, enriched with local spices, exotic fruits and unmistakable aromas. In addition, the colourful packaging invites a sensory experience that promises the essence of Ecuador with every bite.

Discover the delectable world of Kacau

Be enchanted by Kacau's refined chocolate, where every bite is a journey for your senses. From the colourful packaging to the rich flavours infused with Ecuadorian essences, Kacau offers a chocolate experience that will capture not only your taste buds, but also your heart. Discover the essence of Ecuador in every Kacau bar and let this delectable world enchant your senses.


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