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Mesjokke fair and sustainable chocolate

Mesjokke Chocolate is a Dutch chocolate brand that puts its focus on sustainability, quality and fair trade. The brand was started by Per van der Heijden and Luc van den Driessche, two chocolate lovers who want to make chocolate together that is both delicious and surprising, as well as good for the world.

Who are the founders?

Per van der Heijden and Luc van den Driessche are the men behind Mesjokke Chocolate. Per has a background in food technology and loves food production and sustainability. Luc comes from the world of art and culture but, like Per, has a passion for chocolate and sustainability. Their different backgrounds make for a good mix of knowledge and creativity, allowing them to create unique and high-quality chocolate. They make their chocolate in-house in Utrecht.

What drives Mesjokke?

Per and Luc believe that chocolate is more than just a sweet treat. They show that you can make chocolate that is not only delicious, but also ethical and sustainable. Their mission is to change the chocolate industry by setting an example in fair trade and sustainable production.

Fair trade a core value for Mesjokke

They buy only special varieties of cocoa, the flavour of which can vary depending on the country of origin, the soil and the method of fermentation. For this 'specialty' cocoa, they pay a fair price, which is two to three times higher than what is paid for standard 'bulk' cocoa. This means that cocoa farmers get a fair price for their produce. By working directly with small cocoa farmers and cooperatives, Per and Luc can not only guarantee the quality of their cocoa, but also contribute to better living conditions for the farmers and their communities.

The bean-to-bar concept

To get the best out of the special cocoa beans, they do every step of the production process themselves. This control allows them to guarantee the highest quality and experiment with different flavours and techniques. Each Mesjokke chocolate bar tells a story, as the founders carefully choose the origin of their cocoa and work on the final product with passion and precision.

What makes Mesjokke special?

Another special aspect of Mesjokke is their focus on single origin cocoa. This means that the cocoa comes from one specific region, so each bar has unique flavours typical of that origin. This lets you experience the diversity and complexity of chocolate, something you don't easily find with supermarket chocolate. This is why Mesjokke's mission is to always learn how to get the best out of the cocoa bean.

Mesjokke, chocolate with a mission

Mesjokke shows that passion, craftsmanship and sustainability can go hand in hand. Founders Per van der Heijden and Luc van den Driessche have built a brand that not only makes delicious chocolate, but also contributes to a better world. If you are looking for chocolate with a story and a mission, you should definitely try Mesjokke's chocolate.


Rebecca and Marianne, The Chocolate Girls. They are the craft chocolate experts and owner of this online sustainable chocolate shop.

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