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Krakakoa's goal is to improve the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid. And at the same time preserve the world's biodiversity and natural heritage. Krakakoa's mission therefore focuses on improving the lives of Indonesian cocoa farmers and the sustainability of the cocoa farming sector.

Krakakoa believes that empowering farmers and creating great products go hand in hand. Based on the idea that well-equipped farmers produce superior cocoa beans, Krakakoa supports these farmers with tools and training. This gives these farmers the opportunity to become masters of their trade. The exceptional cocoa beans they produce enables Krakakoa to make exceptional chocolate. The extra effort and attention spent on the cocoa is rewarded with both increased yields and a price premium from Krakakoa. This can be up to 3 times the local market price.

Krakakoa's mission for sustainable chocolate

Krakakoa, founded in 2014 in Lampung, Sumatra, is not just another chocolate company. It is a movement with a clear mission. To improve the living standards of cocoa farmers. To raise the quality of Indonesian cocoa beans. And promoting ecologically responsible farming. This mission comes to life in every step of the production process, from farmer to bar.

Delight of the Indonesian archipelago, a proud heritage

The founders, Sabrina and Simon Wright, are passionate entrepreneurs who believe that Indonesia should not only export cocoa beans, but also produce high-quality chocolate. The name Krakakoa, inspired by the famous Krakatoa volcano, symbolises their relationship with Indonesia and embodies pride and heritage. Krakakoa is the second largest producer of quality chocolate in Indonesia. Their mission extends to uplifting farmers, improving cocoa quality and embracing environmental sustainability.

Training for cocoa farmers, investment in sustainable agriculture

Krakakoa is taking concrete steps to realise their mission. In collaboration with WWF and SwissContact, more than a thousand farmers are receiving intensive training in sustainable farming practices. This includes organic farming, disease prevention and the selection of high-quality beans. Farmers who pass the exam receive significantly more than the market price for their beans. This results in an improved standard of living, often for the whole family.

Origin of cocoa, a journey through the Indonesian archipelago

The cocoa, sourced from farmers across the Indonesian archipelago, is processed into chocolate by Krakakoa on the island of Sumatra. Krakakoa is committed to directly sourcing smallholders, such as Jarwanto, a farmer who has been growing cocoa for 20 years. The challenges farmers face, such as diseases and lack of knowledge, are addressed through intensive training and direct collaboration.

From farm to bar, artisanal process for perfection

Krakakoa's production process is an art in itself. After careful harvesting and fermentation, the beans are naturally sun-dried, which not only enhances the flavour but is also ecologically sound. The beans are manually sorted, roasted and processed into a silky smooth chocolate. The emphasis on detail is evident in every step, resulting in a chocolate product of extraordinary quality.

Chocolate with a purpose

Krakakoa is not just chocolate; it offers an experience infused with passion, sustainability and a mission to bring positive change. By investing in the lives of farmers, improving cocoa quality and embracing environmental responsibility. Every bite of Krakakoa chocolate is a conscious choice for consumers who not only appreciate high-quality taste, but also understand a the impact their choice has on people and the environment.


Rebecca and Marianne, The Chocolate Girls. They are the craft chocolate experts and owner of this online sustainable chocolate shop.

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