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Chocolate Tree, a rdemand for excellent chocolate

In their ongoing quest for excellent chocolate, Scottish cocoa visionaries Alastair and Friederike are constantly on a journey of discovery. As a result, they regularly come up with new, exciting flavour combinations. These chocolate bars guarantee top-class ingredients, from carefully selected organic cocoa to high-quality sugar.

TED-TALK, "Saving the World with Chocolate"

Chocolate Tree's mission is to create chocolate with refined taste while protecting biodiversity. Moreover, they are committed to rewarding farmers with fair prices for their quality outstanding cocoa. During Alastair Gower's inspiring TED talk "Saving the world with chocolate", he emphasises this once again.

Bean-to-Bar pioneers in Scotland

Close to the windswept coast of Dunbar in Scotland, Alastair and Friederike have been making bean-to-bar chocolate since 2012. At the time the company Chocolate Tree was founded, the artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate movement in Europe was only just beginning to take off.
As pioneers in the European bean-to-bar chocolate movement, they often travel to South and Central America to personally meet the farmers who produce their cocoa. They also share their love of chocolate at renowned chocolate festivals and events worldwide.

"Food of the Gods, brought down to Earth".

Chocolate Tree's mission is to protect biodiversity and make a positive impact on people and planet. Chocolate Tree buys organic, farm-sourced cocoa from small farms in South and Central America, taking an artisanal approach to making their chocolate. This is also reflected in the moulds they use for their chocolate weke results in beautiful patterns. For instance, you can find toucans and unicorns on the bars.

Origin of cocoa and transparency

Everything Chocolate Tree uses in their factory takes into account how it is produced, where it comes from and whether it is really needed at all. Their delectable chocolate is made only with simple and pure ingredients, the packaging is biodegradable or sourced from other sustainable and recyclable sources

Special flavours internationally appreciated

Thanks to Chocolate Tree bars with special flavours such as Whiskey Nibs, Aztec Spice and Hazelnut (Gianduja), the brand has gained international recognition. The artisanal approach and attention to detail result in beautiful patterns on the bars, where even toucans and unicorns can be discovered. Chocolate Tree's flavour innovation has earned them a place among the world's most esteemed chocolate makers.

Chocolate Tree is a member of 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet is an international organisation whose members contribute at least one per cent of their annual turnover to environmental causes to protect the environment.


Rebecca and Marianne, The Chocolate Girls. They are the craft chocolate experts and owner of this online sustainable chocolate shop.

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