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Dear bookworms and chocolate lovers! We don't need to explain to you how happy we are with our slowly growing list of favourite books about chocolate that are flaunting on top of our cupboard. In this blog, we share our chocolate book tips with you.
Whenever we are at a loss for words, or we feel like reading something, we run to the cupboard and to treat ourselves to a dose of chocolate knowledge. Do you also have your own favourite books about chocolate and are you missing a book in our list? Let us know and we will work on your tip.

In our bookshelf are (in no particular order):

Cover of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, chocolate book tip from The Chocolate Girls

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Roald Dahl

When Charlie finds a Golden Access Card in a bar of chocolate, his deepest wish comes true: he gets a tour of the mysterious chocolate factory of Willie Wonka, the most incredible, amazing and amazing chocolate manufacturer ever.
Sometimes we feel like Charlie! In the world of bean-to-bar chocolate, we also still fall from one surprise to another.
One of the children's books we were read in English at home, which makes this the 'real' version for me.

Chocolate, indulge your inner chocoholic
Dom Ramsey

This is one of the first books on chocolate I ever bought. As a result, it remains the perfect introduction to the world of bean-to-bar chocolate for me.
A book I like to pick up every now and then, to leaf through it a little and look at the pictures. I read through the recipes with a mouth watering every time, but in all honesty, I have never made one....

The cover of Chocolate, Indulge your inner chocoholic by Dom Ramsey. A chocolate book tip from The Chocolate Girls

The cover of our favourite chocolate magazine Cocoa.


You have magazines and you have magazines with a capital T. And this is one of those! A magazine brimming with knowledge, interviews and recipes. No matter how many times you reread this magazine you keep discovering new things.
We have some songs and are eagerly waiting for a new song. Unfortunately, at the moment, it remains very quiet on the site and on their social media....


The True History of Chocolate
Sophie d. Coe & Michael d. Coe

The book for anyone interested in the long and eventful history of cocoa and chocolate. Whereas most books quickly fly through the pre-Hispanic period in Central America, this book looks in detail at the pre-Columbian use of cocoa.
The book begins 3,000 years ago in the Mexican jungle and covers topics such as archaeology, botany and socio-economics. Via the Aztecs and the conquistadores, cocoa reaches Europe and becomes the favourite drink of aristocrats.
Around the 19th century, chocolate became a product for the larger masses and the book concludes with two accounts of how chocolate manufacturers deal with the ethical side of the industry.

The cover of The true history of chocolate by Sophie d. Coe & Michael d. Coe. A chocolate book tip from The Chocolate Girls

The cover of The science of chocolate by Stephen T. Beckett. A chocolate book tip from The Chocolate Girls

The Science of Chocolate
Stephen T. Beckett

An essential book for any chocolate nerd! The Science of Chocolate covers the entire process of making chocolate. The special thing (and the whole fun thing) is that it very clearly addresses the fact that science plays a crucial role in the production, testing and consumption of chocolate. Originally, the book is based on a lecture to encourage schoolchildren to study science. Something close to my heart anyway!


They describe themselves as; the lifestyle magazine that brings close stories, news and trends from the vibrant coffee, tea and cocoa scene four times a year.
Apart from chocolate, we also love coffee and tea. Although we don't know much about these, this magazine shows us very clearly what common ground there is and how certain techniques and trends intertwine. A delicious homegrown magazine (and that is secretly worth a lot to us!)


The cover of our favourite Dutch chocolate magazine coffeeTcacao.

The cover of Chocolat by Joanne Harris. A chocolate book tip from The Chocolate Girls

Joanne Harris

Perhaps 'The Classic' among chocolate books. A delightful book to read with a cup of homemade chocolate milk by your side!
In case you do not know the story yet, it is about Vianne Rocher who settles down with her little daughter Anouk in a small southern French village. From then on, magical powers seem to come alive. The stubborn village priest Reynaud is saddened to see how Vianne seduces the villagers with her irresistible chocolate creations and warm personality during Lent. When Vianne announces that she wants to organise a chocolate festival at Easter, Father Reynaud is beside himself with anger, and the village's struggle is heading for tragedy.

Bean to Bar Chocolate, America's Craft Chocolate Revolution
Megan Giller

The beautiful pictures are reason enough for me to buy this book. Fortunately, it does not stop at pretty pictures, using these images to explain in simple terms how chocolate makers source their cocoa beans and how the beans are processed into chocolate. It also suggests how best to create your own chocolate tasting experience. It considers combining chocolate with coffee, tea, beer, and cheese, among others.
I think this is a very complete book that highlights many different aspects of bean-to-bar chocolate.

The cover of Bean to Bar Chocolate - Megan Giller. A chocolate book tip from The Chocolate Girls

The cover of The chocolate tasting kit by Eagranie Yuh.

The Chocolate Tasting kit
Eagranie Yuh

This book has been the start of learning to taste for us. The kit consists of a booklet containing information on buying and tasting chocolate and tips for organising a tasting. It also includes an envelope in which you can keep your favourite packets. But the most fun and, for us, the most valuable are the 12 flavour profile cards that help you put into words what you taste. The kit also includes a notepad on which you can write down your findings.

Read more about a chocolate tasting at home

Cocoa: An Exploration of Chocolate, With Recipes
Sue Quinn

What it is about reading cookbooks I don't know, but I love it! With a 'good' cookbook on the sofa, or while leaning against the kitchen counter, I don't find it strange.
Perhaps this, then, is why I find Cocoa such a delightful book. The book contains a wealth of cultural, historical and culinary information about the story of chocolate through the ages and around the world. The images of vintage packaging, iconic advertisements and stunning illustrations ensure that it is not boring.
In addition, the book is full of sweet and savoury recipes that will instantly tantalise your taste buds.

The cover of Cocoa by Sue Quinn.

The cover of Bread, wine, chocolate by Simran Sethi.

Bread, wine, chocolate; the slow loss of foods we love
Simran Sethi

During one of IICCT's classes, this book came up for discussion and that was another good opportunity to expand our library. I don't do it often, but while reading, I generously stuck sticky notes to be able to find things back afterwards.
Simran Sethi explores the history and cultural importance of our most beloved flavours and pays tribute to the ingredients that give us daily eating pleasure. At the same time, she gives a wake-up call to the homogenisation that threatens the diversity of our food supply. The book shows not only what it means to recognise the importance of the food we love, but also what it means to lose it.
A chapter ends with a detailed explanation of how to taste, so the theory is actually applied in practice.

That's it, our list of our chocolate book tips! Every once in a while, we will up-date this list, because reading (and buying) books remains a fine pastime after all. Are there any books you miss or want to know more about? Let us know, any reason to buy and read a book is one.


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