White chocolate packet


Are you a true lover of white chocolate? Then be surprised by the different flavour tones and textures white chocolate can have. Discover the true splendour of white chocolate with our unique white chocolate pack! As a lover of white chocolate, you will be enchanted by the various flavour tones and surprising textures this pack has to offer. Here you will taste the distinction between different white chocolate varieties, and experience a flavourful journey through the world of white chocolate.

Heinde en Verre, Gold Piura white, bean-to-bar white chocolate
Heinde en Verre - White chocolate

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White chocolate packet

Are you looking for a white chocolate pack to give as a present or for yourself, but having trouble choosing between all those delicious treats? To help you with this, The Chocolate Girls have put together a number of chocolate packages especially for you. We looked at how best to combine all the beautiful packaging and how to match the most special bean-to-bar chocolates. Get inspired and dare to choose 'something different from the ordinary' for once.

Original chocolate from small chocolate makers

At The Chocolate Girls, you will find an extensive collection of sustainable chocolates that are not available in the ordinary supermarket. All our chocolate brands come from small chocolate makers and are produced in limited quantities. You can immediately taste the craftsmanship and love they put into their bars. So you can be sure of giving an original chocolate gift.

Gift service for a complete gift

The beautiful packaging of the chocolate bars in our white chocolate pack is a feast for the eyes and a perfect gift for yourself. Want to make it an original chocolate gift for someone else? Then make use of our 'gift service', which will transform this package into a unique gift.

Personalised chocolate gift

To give you the opportunity to give a personalised chocolate gift to someone, we offer you the option of adding a card to the chocolate package. If you tell us what short text you would like on the card, we will write it on by hand. It's that easy to personalise your chocolate gift.

White chocolate package delivered to your home

Having our bean-to-bar chocolate delivered to your home is very easy. Our chocolate packages are durably packaged as letterbox packages, so the recipient does not have to be at home to receive it. This only adds to the surprise effect. Who doesn't want to come home and be surprised by a chocolate package in the letterbox?

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