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ChocoQueen - Dark chocolate

Discover this delectable dark chocolate made from high-quality cocoa from the Mengang cocoa plantation in Cameroon. Infused with the luscious flavours of the Trinitario cocoa bean, this chocolate offers an unparalleled gourmet culinary experience. The unique conditions of the Mengang plantation in Cameroon give this chocolate a distinctive flavour.
Savour the taste of passion and dedication in every bite. Choose chocolate that not only delights your taste buds, but also tells a story of sustainability and commitment to local communities. Discover a world of delight and support a chocolate brand committed to quality, sustainability and community connection.


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ChocoQueen - Dark chocolate


ChocoQueen | dark chocolate

  • 72% cocoa (72%)
  • 28% cane sugar
  • 0.2-0.4% sunflower lecithin (0.2 - 0.4%)

Flavour notes:

ChocoQueen | Dark chocolate, the makers describe the flavour profile of this chocolate as follows. 'Apricots and berries with a finish of roasted coffee.'

Background information:

ChocoQueen, a chocolate brand that is part of InterMagna, a leading sustainability and social responsibility organisation. InterMagna is committed to positively impacting local communities by investing in training, coaching and fair employment.

ChocoQueen's commitment to sustainability and quality is reflected in this (h)honest bean-to-bar chocolate, made with the high-quality Trinitario cocoa bean. With every bite, you will discover the unique flavour combination of apricots and berries, followed by a subtle aftertaste of roasted coffee.

Experience the unique flavour of ChocoQueen and contribute to a world where chocolate is not only a treat, but also a source of positive change.


The cocoa beans of this dark chocolate come from the Mengang plantation, in Cameroon. All steps in production such as harvesting and sorting are done manually and mainly by women from the village. All this craftsmanship can be seen and tasted in this bar.

More on this chocolate maker:

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Extra informatie

Type of chocolate



May contain components of lactose

Cocoa percentage

70 – 79%

Net weight

80 gr


gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, vegan

Origin of cocoa

Cameroon, Mengang

Production country


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