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Sustainable and socially responsible business

ChocoQueen is a chocolate brand that is part of InterMagna, a leading sustainable and socially responsible organisation. At InterMagna, they strive to have a positive impact on local communities by investing in training, coaching and fair employment.

ChocoQueen's passion for sustainability and quality is reflected in our (h)honest bean-to-bar chocolate, made with high-quality Trinitario cocoa beans from Cameroon. With every bite, you taste the unique combination of apricots and berries, followed by a subtle finish of roasted coffee.

Plantations in Cameroon

What sets ChocoQueen apart is not only the extraordinary taste of their chocolate, but also their commitment to provenance. They manage two of their own plantations in Cameroon, located in Mengang and Mintom. These plantations go beyond cocoa cultivation; they also grow other crops such as bananas and chillies for the production of sambal. This keeps the soil healthy and the cocoa trees thrive in the perfect shady environment.

Working together for reforestation

An integral part of ChocoQueen's commitment is to work with local farmers and reforest depleted land. ChocoQueen achieves this by first growing up small cuttings of the cocoa bush in containers. When they are large enough, the cuttings are planted out on the plantation. When these trees are about five years old, the first cocoa fruits can be expected. After the cacao is harvested, both chocolate is made from it, in addition, some of the dried beans are traded fairly. While at the same time, ChocoQueen contributes to the restoration of the natural environment.

Creating local opportunities

At ChocoQueen, they believe that producing high-quality chocolate should go hand in hand with creating opportunities for local farmers and their families. By investing in the development of infrastructure, schools and medical facilities, we strive for a fair and sustainable future for all.


Rebecca and Marianne, The Chocolate Girls. They are the craft chocolate experts and owner of this online sustainable chocolate shop.

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