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Event calendar: Taste with colour

Event calendar: 'trial with colour'

Experience the unique 'Taste with Colour' workshop on our events calendar! Join this popular monthly chocolate tasting event and discover four bean-to-bar chocolates. Express your taste in colour using the Chocolate Tasting Flavour Map, even without painting experience. Enjoy coffee, tea, and chocolate milk, paint your taste experiences, and go home with your own end result.

When and where:
Choose the date you want to join, the workshop is from 10.30 - 12.00.
Experience this exciting event at the inspiring Onterfd Goed, Willem van Konijnenburglaan 1B, 5613 DW Eindhoven.

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Event calendar: 'trial with colour'

New and immediately very popular on our event calendar: the 'taste with colour' workshop Do you fancy an unforgettable workshop experience with a friend, girlfriend, sociable colleague or your brother or sister? Then join our 'Taste with colour' chocolate tasting workshop. Discover four different bean-to-bar chocolates and bring your taste experience to life by painting them in colour, a playful and instinctive way of being able to describe what you taste.

Express taste in colour

Many people find it difficult to articulate their taste experiences. In our workshop, you will use colour to express your taste discoveries. It may sound a bit vague, but we know from experience how much fun it is to express flavours in colour. For this, we use the unique Chocolate Tasting Flavour Map, which makes the process even easier. During this relaxing workshop, you will taste and paint four different bean-to-bar chocolates. Of course, all this is done under the expert guidance of The Chocolate Girls.

No painting experience is necessary for this workshop, nor is creative talent required. Be surprised by how much fun it is to paint your taste experiences for once. Go home with your own work of art as a tangible reminder of this unique workshop.

Trial by colour: Programme overview

  • Reception with coffee & tea.
  • Enjoy a delicious shot of bean-to-bar chocolate milk.
  • Taste four bean-to-bar chocolates with different flavour profiles.
  • Paint the colours you taste using the Chocolate Tasting Flavour Map.
  • Take your final result home with you.
  • Opportunity to purchase high-quality chocolate afterwards

Inspiring venue: Disinherited Property

The 'trial with colour' workshop takes place in Disinherited Property. Stichting Onterfd Goed is a non-profit organisation with cultural ANBI status. It advises and supports Dutch heritage managers such as museums and municipalities in improving their collections. After a sometimes lengthy advisory process, the client decides which objects should be 'uncollected' and these are then transferred to Onterfd Goed with the mission: Make sure these 'orphaned' objects get a new owner. Because there is no need to make a profit, the objects are priced in such a way that it is feasible for anyone to save an authentic work of art by a Dutch artist from destruction and help the museums at the same time.
Amid these beautiful works of art, the workshop will be held.

How do I book 'trial by colour'?

Simply buy your ticket for the desired date ensure yourself a spot at our next workshop. Be quick as places are limited!

For the workshop to take place, we require a minimum of 5 participants. If the number of participants is less than 5, you will receive a notice from us a week in advance with a refund of the amount already paid. Alternatively, you can participate in one of our workshops on an alternative scheduled date. Should the amount for this workshop differ from the amount already paid, we will refund the excess amount paid to you, or ask you to top up the outstanding amount.

Private and corporate options: Make your event unique with chocolate tasting

Want to offer a bespoke 'trial with colour' at an event? You can. Click here for details or contact us at email for instant matching. Make your occasion something special and add an unforgettable taste experience!

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